If you are a novice coin collector, or if you recently inherited a coin collection, one of the first things you might wonder is: What supplies will I need to properly store and maintain my coin collection? The answer is, it depends.

If you are planning to sell your coin collection, it will probably not be necessary for you to invest in collecting supplies. However, if you intend to keep your coins for a significant period of time, it’s important that you have top quality supplies on hand so that your coins will maintain their value. This is especially important if your collection includes rare and/or valuable coins.

Avoid Damaging Your Coins by Storing them Properly

If you are new to coin collecting, you may not initially be aware of  the monetary value of some of your unique coins. But it’s important to store your coins carefully and safely because you may decide to sell your coin collection at some point in the future  – and you will want the coins to be in the best possible condition so you can obtain top dollar for them. Most people put their coins in coin holders. The most cost-efficient coin holders are made of cardboard and Mylar plastic. But some are made out of Mylar plastic without the cardboard.

Another way to properly store your coins is to keep them in a coin album or a coin folder. These can range in price from being relatively inexpensive to moderately expensive. But they are excellent choices for  storing your coin collection safely without the risk of damage.

Other Coin Collecting Supplies

If you eventually decide to sell one of the coins in your collection, or if you intend to sell your coin collection to a coin dealer, the dealer will undoubtedly inspect the coin(s) with a magnifying glass. He or she will also look closely at the coin(s) under a bright light. Because coin dealers use these tools to inspect unique and valuable coins, you too should own a magnifying glass and a bright light so you can look closely at the individual coins in your collection. A hand-held magnifying glass with a power of up to 3x should be sufficient. Additionally, you can use a lamp with a regular a 75 watt light bulb. In other words, there is no need to purchase a special lamp for coin collecting purposes.

It’s always helpful to have a supply of coin collecting books on hand so you can learn as much as possible about this hobby. You may  purchase such books or check them out of the library. It’s important to remember that handling coins with your bare hands is never recommended because your hands can transfer dirt and oil onto the coins – which can diminish their value. So a good pair of soft gloves should be worn when your handle your coins. If you have any questions about your rare and unique coins, make sure to contact a reputable coin dealer so he or she can give you advice or provide information about the potential value of your individual coins or your entire coin collection. If you decide to sell your coin collection, a reputable dealer will be able to help you obtain top dollar.