After talking with Numismax and getting an estimated value of your collection, it’s easy to ship your coins to us for a more precise estimate and an offer. The first step is to read the precise shipping details and follow them.

  • Coins of any quantity can be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service or Federal Express. Packages should not exceed thirty pounds.
  • When you coordinate your shipment with us, each box will be insured up to $10,000. If, during our initial discussion, it appears that one or more of the packages will need additional coverage, Numismax can arrange for the extra coverage.
  • You will receive a call from us the day we receive your package(s) confirming arrival to our office.
  • We will make you an offer, typically the same day. If you choose to accept it, payment can be made immediately via company check, wire transfer, cash, or trade.
  • If our offer does not meet your expectations, we will respect your decision and return the collection to you.

When using our shipping services, you must use this double-packing procedure:

  • Pack the Contents Tightly. The coins must fit snugly into an appropriate-sized box. Fill this box with your items while using newspaper, bubble wrap, “packing peanuts” and any other light-weight filler so that there is no empty space.
  • Pass the Shake Test. You do not want to tip anyone off that you are mailing coins. When you shake the box you should not hear any coins rattling inside. If you can hear coins or if you can feel jostling due to empty space, please start again at step one!
  • Tape the Box. Completely seal this inner box. Tape every corner and reinforce the sides to create a secure, solid, closed box.
  • Double Box. Find a box that is slightly larger than the inner (packed) box and snugly insert the first box into the second. This is required in case the outer box breaks in transit.
  • Over-Tape your Outer Box. It is hardly possible to use “too much” tape. Tape every corner, seam and edge. This will help ensure that your package(s) arrive safely.