Is coin collecting becoming an obsolete hobby and pastime? Absolutely not! The history of coin collecting goes back centuries and will likely continue to be a popular activity well into the future. Humans have been collecting coins for as long as coins have existed (and coins have been around since ancient times). Early coin collectors were relatively similar to today’s modern coin collectors in that they typically did one of three things with their coins: 1) they spent them; 2) they saved the coins  they liked or thought were the most rare or valuable; or 3) they sold their coin collections for more than the collection’s face value.

Coins are significant for many reasons. Obviously they are worth at least their face value. However, they are also pieces of history – every coin tells a story about a country, a language, or an era in time. Some coins are common, but there are also coins that are rare and unique. It is the latter coins which are highly desirable to coin collectors and coin dealers. Coins become collectors’ items when they are rare, unusual, or unique.

Coin collectors enjoy searching for coins that add to their collection in one way or another. One of the greatest aspects of coin collecting is that collection efforts do not have to stop once a specific coin has been found. Collections can always be expanded to include related coins or coins from the same country or the same era as the rest of the collection.

Another reason coin collecting is a hobby that will never lose its popularity is that rare and unique coin collections will always remain valuable. And valuable coin collections can either be sold to a coin dealer or passed down from one generation to the next as a valuable asset.

Kids love collecting coins. As coin collections are passed down as  inheritances, many of today’s young coin collectors will grow up to become the future holders of the world’s valuable coin collections.

It’s not difficult to get children interested in coin collecting and to encourage them into becoming avid collectors as they grow older. Coin collecting is a perfect hobby for grandparents and/or parents to have with  grandchildren or children. Bringing them to coin collecting conventions or events is a great way to teach them how to buy and sell coins if they want to enhance their collection. Coin collecting is a wholesome activity that requires human interaction, the ability to conduct research on specific coins, and the negotiating skills needed to deal with professional coin buyers and sellers.

The future of coin collecting is alive and well. Becoming a knowledgeable and enthusiastic coin collector is the key to success. Remember, it’s not necessary to start with a huge collection. Starting with just a few coins and gradually buying and selling coins until you have a collection  is the way to go. Gradually increase your assortment by searching for coins that you like and that add value to your collection. If you have questions on how to get started or on how to buy and sell coins, make sure to contact another avid coin collector or a reputable coin dealer for advice.