I inherited a coin collection—it may include rare coins but I’m not sure and I don’t have time to go through it piece by piece. Do I need to organize or prepare the coins in this collection before I send it to Numismax for an appraisal?

Feel free to send your rare coin collection to us “as is.” By all means do not try to clean or “improve” any of the pieces—that is one of the surest way to degrade a rare, valuable coin. Be sure to follow our packing and shipping guidelines.


I don’t know anything about coins and valuation. How can I feel confident that I will receive an honest price, let alone the best price from Numismax?

Numismax is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Our team is made up of accredited, certified numismatists. We know that our reputation and livelihood hinges on treating customers with integrity. We are in business because we consistently offer competitive prices on the buying and the selling side. In the numismatic industry, competition drives out the dealers who are unscrupulous or who gouge sellers and buyers. We are not the only coin dealer around, but after you have received other estimates and price quotes, please let us make you an offer—the vast majority of the time we can give you a better deal.


How safe is it to mail my rare and valuable items?

You can feel confident shipping your collection to a reputable dealer if you use proper packaging and reputable shippers. Please refer to our shipping and packing guidelines.


What happens next?

As soon as we receive your items we will evaluate your collection and then contact you to discuss our findings, answer your questions and make an offer. Our goal is to make sure that every seller understands exactly what he or she is selling.


What if I decide not to sell my items?

If our offer does not meet your expectations, we will immediately repackage your collection and ship it back to you.