If you are new to coin collecting either because you just started this hobby or because you just inherited a collection and you want to add more to it, there are several ways to go about finding and buying rare coins. As you get more knowledgeable about coin collecting and buying coins and selling coins, you will learn which methods and venues work best for you.

As a coin collector, you want to create a collection of coins that not only interest you, but that also create an interesting compilation of coins that have something in common with each other. Some coins that you may want for your collection will be easy to find. Coins that are more rare will be harder to find – which means you may have to spend a considerable amount of time looking for them.

Finding rare coins to add to your collection is a challenge – but it’s an exciting challenge. When a coin that you’ve been seeking for months or years is suddenly available to purchase, you will be filled with satisfaction that all of your hard work paid off! And almost immediately, you will start on your quest to find additional rare coins to purchase for your collection.

Following are some of the most common methods coin collectors use to find new coins to purchase for their collections:

  1. It’s tempting to use online auction websites such as eBay to find and purchase rare coins. Many people have found great coins to add to their collections on sites like this. But keep in mind that when you purchase a coin via eBay or another similar site, you won’t be able to physically hold or look at the coin before you purchase it.

Estate Sales. It’s time consuming to travel to estate sales around town without knowing if there will be any coins for sale when you get there. But when rare and unique coins are found at an estate sale, you can find real gems – and sometimes for fantastic prices. Oftentimes prices depend on whether the estate sale is being held by family members who don’t know much about coins or by a professional estate sale company that has been hired to facilitate the sale.

Coin Shops. Almost all major cities have coins shops that have display cases filled with rare and unique coins. These are excellent venues to purchase coins for your collection – especially if you want to talk with someone about the coins before you purchase them. Most coin shop workers are highly knowledgeable about coin collecting.

Other ways that many coin collectors find coins to add to their collection include working with a coin dealer that helps individuals buy and sell valuable coins, coin trade shows, and coin club meetings. After you become more experienced in the world of coin collecting, you may realize that you prefer working with a coin dealer rather than attending a coin show. Or, you may enjoy the thrill of bidding on a desired coin at a live auction as opposed to bidding on coins online. The beauty of coin collecting is that you can go about pursuing your hobby in any manner you choose.